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BlueDreamExtensions offer luxury Raw hair extensions. Our quality, texture, and prices are incomparable and superior. Treat yourself to Real, Raw, Luxurious Extensions. We only offer virgin hair with cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to tip. This ensures longevity,flawless movement, and blends and behaves like your own hair. BlueDreamExtensions is sold exclusively on our website.

BlueDreamExtensions only offer pure Raw hair extensions. Prices for Raw durable hair extensions are on the rise each year. With this in mind, a lot of companies are adding in fillers into their hair in an effort to magnify the profits. Because our clients trust us to continue to provide them with quality hair and support we would not sell you anything that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. Due to the Raw nature of our hair, the wavy/curly pattern and color tone may vary from bundle to bundle. We suggest purchasing a complete bundle set in one transaction to ensure consistency and adding order notes at check out. Order notes are not guaranteed however we will try to fulfill your request.

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